Saturday, 25 September 2010

Second session

This Fridays session was pretty interesting.
It began with a run through of the DE4101 portion of the masters and what it entails. Thankfully it seems a managable piece of work.
Then onto a walk around Preston. Having lived in Preston for 3 years during my BA hons course I figured this walk would be tedious and boring. Thankfully I was proved wrong, the history behind certain places and the gorgeous construction of the Black Bull and the Miller Arcade were of particular interest to me. I especially enjoyed hearing what the University campus was like a hundred or so years ago where it was primarily a canal and industrial centre. I have a project in mind that shares the aesthetics of industrial Britain so all this information was valuable to me.
Then came my first talk with our tutor Josh and my first go at creating something in Maya. Last week Josh had told me to refrain from looking at tutorials and such as he wanted to teach me whilst I was blissfully ignorant and I am glad I decided to wait. Maya has always been a fascinating yet daunting program to me but after a talk with Josh I realised it isnt as mean as its looks indicate.
I managed to produce a low poly head which although not without its problems was still a good start.
This week I shall be endevouring to upload some screen caps of practice maya models I have made in preperation for next weeks sessions.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

First Session/ Welcome to Blog

Blogging seems the most sensible way to keep a production diary for my MA so this is mine.

So far I have two projects to do for the next two weeks

One is gateways

The other is creating a game based on the information on the Sun collated by the UCLAN science department.

Ive been fortunate enough to be placed into two good groups, we just need to start the discourse and get the ball rolling.

Suggestion for the Gateways project was to have a map or picture of Preston embroidered onto a jumper. The idea is that university is a gateway to a persons future and a traditional thing to recieve from a worried parent when you move away is a sturdy warm jumper. The jumper would represent almost a key to your future.

For the Sun game there's ben a few really good suggestions from my group which I shall leave off here until I can talk to them again.
My suggestion was a resource gathering game, you would take on the role of an energy company looking to harness the Sun's raw power. The first part of the game would be research and then the second would be using the research to create machines that would gather the energy with a final part being the placing of machines to gather as much energy as possible.