Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sixth Session

Having been ill for the better part of the week it's taken me a while to get my stuff together for a blog post!

First I'll look at the lecture we had on Friday

I like to think of myself as a patient person, so when I was told we were having a lecture on Quantitive Research Methods the fact that I managed to sit through the whole thing without walking out was, I think, a testement to my resolve.
The opening words of the lecture I cannot recall exactly but I can easily paraphrase
" Quantitive research is probably something you wil never need to know about or use so here's a lecture on it"
What followed was a lecture that I could in no way connect its contents and subject matter with the work I will be doing on the masters.
Now I gladly sat through a lecutre the other week on the definitions of art and science that had little to do with the work Im doing but I sat through it and enjoyed some of the more trivial historical parts of the session enough to not get annoyed about it. This time however I cannot hold my tounge and keep quiet.
I hope that the remaining lectures will be in someway relevant to my work instead of a very unneeded distraction.

Ok enough of that.

Updates on the characters! Despite being ill and very bus with wrk I managed to get another of the vikings done. I was hoping to have the small viking started before I went into class on Friday but there seems little chance of that happening so I am behind my self imposed schedule.

I tried a different method for this one going along the lines of box modelling from reference.
I dont have any formative images Im afaid as i simply became too involved with the making to document it!

I do however have the finished model without textures for you to view here-

I proceeded to texture it and it turned out good in my opinion. The process was much quicker this time, I think it helped that I took more care when arranging the UV map.

Here's the UV map-So after showing Josh my prevous model he seemed happy with it. He did however enquire as to why it was so blocky. Ive had a few people say this to me. I thought the blockiness added charm to the model but evidently I was mistaken. Josh proceeded to show me how to smooth edges using alphas.

With that in mind I have a smooth version of the model here-

Im still not sure which I prefer yet though.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Fifth Session

For the DE4101 section this week we had a guest lecturer named Martin Johnston someone from the public heath sector.
Though I was unsure of the relevance of the lecture I was none the less enthralled by the ideas he was putting forward. He began by discussing how art and science are defined, art being based on values and subjectivity and science being based on facts and observation.
Then he began to discuss how art feeds science, that something subjective can provide a theory that can be turned into a scientific discovery.
The example he gave was that of Ptolemaic astronomy and how it was believed that the Earth was the centre of the solar system. All the maths and calculations based on Ptolemaic astronomy worked however it essencially looked messy when star charts were drawn up. It took Copernicus to think " This could be neater" to then do the math of the Earth not being the centre of solar system to deduce that the sun is infact the centre.
It was interesting to think of the actual relationship between art and science instead of thinking of them as two very seprate entities.

For Josh's section I began making my viking. Following Josh's advice of tracing around the reference image with small flat polygons I ended up with this-

Needless to say this baffled my friends who I was asking advice from so maybe I misinterpreted Josh's meaning but it provided a good starting point.
I began by merging the middle section to the outer section on one side. I decided to save time by then mirroring the half Id done and merging the two sections together. I didnt do it quite right though so there was abit of clean up time getting the model to look symmetrical.
I then went about making it low poly. Ive been interested in texting myself with simple models and decent textures since I saw tommy tallian's work-
I didnt manage anything close to his TF2 models but I did ok with the face count coming to 425.
Here's the untextured model-

The texturing took a while, I still have a ways to go to get it looking right but for now my line based characters are looking good in my opinion.

Here's the finished model-

And the texture sheet-

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Fourth Session (A)

Just a quick post to put up some sketches and three turn arounds Ive done since the Fourth Session.
After talking to Josh I began to look at kid robot vinyl toys. I was stuck when it came to designing a character akin to that though so instead I used the plain models as inspiration. I designed three viking characters (simply because I like vikings) then imagined how they would work as a vinyl toy. They would need to be highly customisable so would need to have the least amount of actual polygonal detail leaving the artist (or in this case textures) to denote the design.
After the character talk on Friday I went with a staple way of representing visual families. Each viking was a different size yet wore a similar helmet so they could be identified as being part of a team/set.
Simplifying the characters into a base model wasnt too difficult, Im looking forward to texturing them and might even be tempted to do different colour combinations and such if I have enough time.Still unsure about this ones arms but I guess I can always change them in maya

I changed the horns on this one so they would be easier to make.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Fourth Session

This weeks session instead of a lecture we had the gallery showing of the gateways project.
The image I put up in the last post was the one I submitted along with two other pieces from people in my group.
This was probably my favourite piece, the scale added to its impressiveness

Our piece unfortunatley didnt turn out so well...

This one was interesting. Though I didnt like how it looked I liked the concept behind it. The use of numbers was interesting and how they each used the string to represent their self and their ideas.

The lesson with Josh was informative as usual. He seemed to enjoy my robot and we discussed how I could have made it better.
He went through a character design talk designed for the undergraduates which was good, there were points I intend to use in my own lessons.
I have also finally arrived at an idea for my first project and the essays.
For the first project I intend to make three low poly characters, I have begun sketching and I am leaning towards three vikings. I intend to make the models quite plain to see how much work I can do with the textures.
For the essay I shall be lookin at how cute yet edgy characters have become popular in todays main stream media.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Third Session (A)

So after a jam packed week of tutoring and other work I managed to get my tin robot rendered.
Originally I was going to make it really traditional but it didnt hold my interest enough for me to work on it. Instead I made it a tough soldier guy tin robot!

Here's the finished thing without texture touch ups

Heres him with the touch ups
And finally is this one
I learnt a few things doing this, mainly texturing takes a long time. Also I had made my canvas size 512x512 as instucted. This made it hard to get any worthwhile detail into the model. I decided to work at 10 times that size and then shrink it down. The result is the last image I posted. I failed to realise that shrinking the texture would blur and pixilate it. It was only after talking to people that I found out I should have made the UV maps for the face and detail heavy areas larger on the Map.
So the top two images look nice but the texture is far too large to be practical (5120x5120)
Next time Ill bare this in mind to hopefully make a usable model.

Also I finished my part of the gateways project. We decided to all do our own thing and display them side by side.
Here's mine-

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Third Session

Had a very informative talk from the head of graphics today, it was a nice look at the DE4101 section of the course.
I'm still undecided as to what I'm going to write about though. I was thinking of looking at media interpretations of video games and how it apes the witch hunts in the 70s/80s of heavy metal music and video nasties. I'll have a talk with Josh about that though, I might be able to find something related to characters and animation that I can work on instead though since that's the key focus of my masters.

I recieved a copy of Maya on Thursday, being abit of a smart arse I straight off tried to create a human model. The result was ok but still needs work, I think Ill try to refine it this week and maybe texture it if I have time-

I then in class worked up a quick tin robot which i have since finished to have a go at a simple texturing job-
And finally I have a fully textured TNT crate I did, it looks kind of like a prop you'd find in a looney toons game but im still happy with it. The textures did go abit funky though since I had to edit them after I added then indentations.

So not too bad of a session all in all, this week I plan of getting some texturing done. Im at the moment torn as to what my first project should be, whether it should be my own characters I make or some 2000AD ones. All things I need to discuss with Josh.