Monday, 29 November 2010

Session Ten

A cold dread crept into my heart as I realised that this sessions lecturer was none other than Jim Battersby.
Jim had been somewhat of an icon for what I hated about my Illustration degree, pointless academia distracting me from the more pressing matters of actually getting stuff done.
Greedily I set about drawing the next piece in my collection of lecture doodles and had finished it by the time Jim had started talking.
Savage guilt began to wrack my body as I realised that not only was the lecture very interesting but that I was also enjoying it! Thought I will say this! I understood how his talk on semiotics would apply to certain aspects of my work, admittedly mainly in my personal work, but I still didnt think it was terribly relevant to my masters work.


As you saw before I got all the vikings done, so whats next?


Infact I modelled the weapons during class, they included a shield an axe and a quiver.
Now when it came to texturing the weapons I had an idea. That possibly only one texture would be needed for the entire range of weaponry. This came about after my work on the small viking where sheer laziness forced me to alter the UVs rather than the texture to line up elements liek the belt and hair.

I sat an pondered this and came up with this texture

It features an area of metal with a stud drawn in, an area of wood with planks drawn in and an area of leather with stitching drawn in.

And here we can see the results

The axe was pretty straight forward

The shield was the first proper test of this method, I wanted to see how the studs would look. I layerd UV over UV to get each stud right. On reflection it would have been better to have two or three studs on the texture just so they didnt all look alike but it worked for the purpose of this experiment. The wood bord texture worked particularly well

When It came to the bow I wanted to give the stitching a test. I carefully arranged UVs so it looked as if the leather grip had stitching work on it

The quiver took the longest, It was a chore to line up the stitching but it paid off in the end.

This Entire texturing process took a fraction of the time that previous ones have, Itll definately be something to bear in mind.

Next up I intend to do evil versions of the characters to highlight the versatility of the models I made.

And finally. This picture is of the viking warriors to spruce up my presentation i have to deliver in a couple of weeks Enjoy!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Ninth Session (A)

So i finally got the characters rigged, ALL OF THEM.
They cant exactly do everything I want (turns out they dont like having their arms twisted) but Im pretty happy with how they turned out, and I guess the rest will come down to practice.

I had problems rigging both the characters since after I made the skeletons it refused to bind to the mesh. No matter what I did it wouldnt work. After showing it to my firneds they determined that Id not corretly deleted the history of the mesh (I thought I had) so after that they both worked.

So I have abit of a talk through of the Medium Viking model which is also the one I modelled first.

So the main problem with this guy was how I'd built him, The bottom of the tunic wasnt as sophisticated as the other models, they had plenty of polys in there to allow for movement and to allow the legs to alter them. This one however didnt and this is what happened

The tunic moved the same as the legs exposing the underside, it did it both ways.
I got around this by assiging full control of the weighting for the tunic edge to the core Hip joint and lessening the control the leg had over the polys that attatched the tunic to the leg

Here's the result

Not too bad in my opinion!

And here he is in all his glory!

Now onto the small viking

There werent too many problems with this one despite it having a different skeleton to the others. The main thing and this applies to all the characters is that Im not happy with the arms.
Josh mentioned looking at anatomy books to mimic muscle structure in character meshs and this seems like a good idea. Most of the pose ideas I have I couldnt do simply because the arms warped far too much. It isnt so much a problem for these little guys but its something i intend to work on for the next project.

The final product!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Ninth Session

I keep getting later and later with these things :/
Ok so first off I got the model rigged an weighted before the ninth session.
I decided to not rely on maya to make things easier for me and mirrored the weights by eye working from the core hip joint then working through pairs of joints until it was all done. Let me tell you it feels good to get that damn process finally done.
Here's a picture of the model, it looks nicer than the other renders Ive done thanks to my class mate Scott who prettied it up with nice lighting and a different coloured background, he also added the bow.
Then came the ninth session, as per usual the lecture was boring and I found it hard to care about what was being told to us. The games students got to go out half way through to see Pete Fields lecture about his time at Ninja Theory Games which was an informative look at the game making process.
On DE4101 I cant help but feel like a moaning child. It would seem most of the other groups are gaining something from the lectures and are interested in the subject matter and I keep wondering if Im missing out on a good thing here without realising. I also feel bad because I sit around drawing caricatures of myself attempting suicide at the mass levels of bordom Im experiencing whilst these people are trying to teach us something that's important to them.

Anyways I got the last viking textured, its pretty raw, I ended up manipulating the UV map to get things to line up rather than draw it out again. It turned out ok though.

Im hoping to get better at texturing though, I mean these look ok but I feel that I can do better.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Eighth Session

Lord damn youDE4101. Again another horrible lecture though not as bad as the previous one it still wasnt that good.
Also for the DE4101 Ive had the utter joy of doing the only essay Ive ever wanted to have a bigger word count. I dont know whether its the fact we have to do an essay at all (especially one so blatantly shoe horned in as this one) or the fact that its distracting me from the actual reason I got on the course. I didnt join up to do the same bull crap essays we had to do for the degree. I got onthe Masters because I wanted to LEARN, to LEARN how to 3D model and LEARN how to get better at something i actually care alot about. And to have that inturrupted by poorly handled academia is either very upsetting or very annoying. I have yet to decide which it is.
There has been only one positive thing thats come from me finishing the goddamn thing and thats my new found appreciation for Japanese pop art surrealist Takashi Murakami.

As for rigging, bugger that too. I got half the body done and some how managed to wipe out all the date in one go so I need to re do it. Needless to say I shall be working on that tomorrow to try and get the damn thing right.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

Seventh Session

This week we mercifully had no lecture so it gave me a chance to talk through my stuff with Josh.
He showed me the basics of rigging which was easy enough until it came to painting weights.
Painting weights is actually the reason Im late with this post. I was holding out hope that Id have my weights all nicely painted before I went into class next but alas it wasnt to be so!
Here are a couple of images of the rigging in process

The skeleton

The weights thus far

The problem

A pretty big problem at that! I havent got a clue whats happeneing here since as far as I can see the elbow shouldnt be effecting these areas.
I examined each joint and found it was one of the thumb joints doing it but when I looked I couldnt see any visible influences it was having on the areas!

So after all that I decided to just make my final viking