Monday, 14 February 2011

Session 4

The lecture today was delayed horribly and I wasn't inspired with confidence when I found out it was the guy responsible for 2D TV that would be taking it. I don't like 2D TV, as far as socio-political satire goes its about as good as this- "I'm touching Bush" and of course "Dear SUCKER, I mean customer!"
These clips were played before we even met the guy and my blood b
egan to boil and no surprise here that he had a mac, never would have guessed with his Microsoft
bashing. The actual funniest thing was that the shiny "awesome" mac took about 30 goddamn minutes to set up. Score one for Windows.
I was fully prepared to not listen to what the guy had to say but I am g
lad I did. The lecture he presented was great and full of interesting clips and quotes. I spent more time listening and watching tan I did note taking but I got a few things down.

The guy was called Tim Searle who works at Baby Cow an English based animation studio that's produced animated features and adverts for a wide variety of companies.
He talked little of his own work but mentioned they were concentrating on projects with a focus on narrative and that at least one project was in partnership with Disney.
He had a lot to say on Bob Godfrey who was his chief inspiration in g
etting into animation and showed us this clip of an animtion Mr Godfrey had worked on "The Do It Yourself Cartoon Kit" he also provided us with this quote
“Animation is around at the moment in rather a small way. In twenty
or thirty years time it will be around in quite a big way. It’s going to keep growing because we’re moving into an audio-visual communications era. People are going to learn from the screen as opposed to books.” a prediction which has become true.
He also mentioned Pete Candeland who produced the fantastic Beatles Rock Band promo as well as the Gorillaz videos.
There was a nice vintage cartoon called Automania 2000 by Halas and Bachelor. There was this quote from Halas " Animation is the most contemporary form of human expression combining the elements of motion, storytelling, sound and space" That quote now app
lies to video games too. Halas also co-wrote Timing for Animation which looks like it woul
d be a good book to grab.

Searle often spoke of comedic timing which ties into my latest project, I can manage comedic timing in a drawn sequential sense but the trick will be to translate this
into something that is almost animated. He gave Astronauts by Matthew Walker as a good example of comedic timing and good use of resources.
And to end this section a nice quote from TS Elliot that Searle sold us
"If I had more time I would have written you a shorter letter"

And with that quote ringing in the air we can go onto the sequential project I'm doing. It's looking like the story will weigh in at around 5 minutes long possibly less. I could h
ave drawn out the fight scene between Peabody & D'Gorath and the Spring Heeled Jack but I decided to keep it short and somewhat unsatisfying to hopefully grab a laugh.
I was quizzed as to when I would be starting the 3D models and reali
sed Id been putting it off out of fear of the possibly mammoth task ahead of me. It helped however to think of a check list of what I needed-

1- A model of Peabody
2- A model of D'Gorath
3- A model of the Springheeled Jack
4- A model of Jack's son
5- A model of a room in the orphanage
6- A model of the roof top of the orphanage

Now with resources in mind I have come up with some further ideas.
Peabody and D'Gorath both wear suits that are pretty much ide
ntical. With this in mind I will work on the suit first and save the file so that it can be altered then to fit each character hopefully saving me a lot of time.
Ill be building the body of the boy and two heads that will fit on it, one will be normal and the other will be the fanged transformed head.
The scenes will be limited to two locations so 4 or 5 scenes will take place in the same locales. This will cut down on the amount of work I need to do.
I need to start creating these things ASAP as it'll be a lot easier to have to do the drawn comic sections at the nth hour than the modelling!

Interestingly today one of my students showed me a technique in 3DS Max that I'm hoping might have a Maya counterpart. Its a physics bomb that would be useful for a glass smashing scene I have in mind.

And here are the final two character turn arounds.

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