Thursday, 24 February 2011

Session 5

The lecture for this week was Amos Marchant a self proclaimed Industrial Designer.

I was reluctant to hear about Amos because he was there to talk to the Product Design students. Now I don't like product design, I was tricked into taking it at AS level and have despised it ever since. Despite my negative attitude when the lecture started I found myself admiring Amos and his work. Though aesthetically boring his stuff had a deep thought process behind it taking into consideration on how things would be transported and optimised for each of their functions.
He called himself a "Problem Solver" and this indeed he was. I also respected how he had conducted himself as a freelancer, being a freelancer myself it was interesting to see how his working environment progressed to the point of having a very tasty looking work space in London he'd designed for himself.
My favourite piece of his was his magnet wall clock which I was unfortunately unable to get a picture of.

I spoke about modelling to Josh this session, Id begun my D'Gorath model but it was broken in some way. The thing Id created needed major clean up which Josh told me how to do.
Basically I believe that as I have been extruding edges and faces I was creating extra ones underneath them. These proved difficult to locate by myself until Josh showed me a way of viewing the poly faces that meant the centre of the face showed a dot. Once this was activated I was able to see where thin faces were hiding amongst the normal faces.
Speaking of normals Josh also showed me about backface culling which shows the way the faces are pointing by making them transparent the way they are facing and opaque when viewed fom the opposite way.
It took a good few hours to fix everything but thanks to the setting Josh showed me I havent since been caught out by hidden faces.
I managed to create the suit which I saved as a seperate file so that I could re-use it for Peabody.

Once the suit was created I began fitting it to the shape of D'Goraths body and added his wings, tail and his hands (which I'm especially proud of)

Then I made another file that contained the shoulders of the D'Gorath model so that I could create his head in the correct dimensions. Sadly I have yet to finish this but heres an image of the progress.

I bought a book illustrated by Simon Bisley at the weekend and after analysing his painting style I have come to the conclusion that it has the same basic principle as Josh's method, a deep undercolour with lighter colours on top to build up the shape of the characters. I am adamant that I will get better at digital painting this year. I had a speedpainting example that I showed Josh but I am having a problem in that I think my stuff looks too timid and that the brush strokes lack confidence.
Here is the speed paint.-

Josh suggested to use less opacity so I had a go and produced this-

Then at the weekend I bought a Slaine book entitled the Horned God which I remember reading when I was younger. The comic was illustrated by Simon Bisley and I immediately saw parallels between the way Josh works and the way that Bisley works.
Taking the Slaine book on board I began this piece-

Though I lost the will to paint after I got to this stage. I realise my folly in that I rushed into painting and should have spent more time planning. The layout sketch looked great but it lacked any solid background detail so Im thinking of scrapping that background all together and re drawing one and taking some TIME on it.

And finally here's a collab piece I did with two of my friends, I provided the layout and the line art for the little girl ENJOY :)

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  1. One day I will be confident enough to use NO opacity. That day is not today. Keep going Penman, you may get there before me at this rate.