Thursday, 17 March 2011

Session 8

If there was a good way to articulate the sound of a long heavy sigh in the English language then that would be how this post would start, unfortunately I don't believe there is a way so its beginning with this sentence.
The generation of the sigh was due to the lecture we had this session and I feel bad for sighing, really I do.
The lecture was by a world renowned ceramicist named Ken Eastman. Ken was undoubtedly THE best speaker we've had so far. The way he delivered the lecture was perfect and I found myself liking him a lot. Alas it was the subject of the lecture that made me want to melt into a puddle of impotent and sleepy anger.
I'm constantly baffled by the practices of two disciplines- Product Design and Ceramics.
Now product design and I go way back (see session 5) so there's personal reasons for me not respecting it. Ceramics on the other hand was only introduced to me via the glorious contextual studies sessions at UCLAN and as soon as I had that first lecture (I believe it was a girl who put beads in concrete) I knew I wouldn't get along with it.
And why's that?


Despite the fact that he has been the best person at delivering a lecture we've had so far Ken Eastman just couldn't make me appreciate ceramics. It's a terribly dull and wholly useless thing to learn about unless you are actually a ceramicist.
I'm getting slightly concerned that I'm not going to have enough material for this next essay since I cant find a lot of worth in most of the lecturers that we've had. I like to think Im trying, and I do try to look at the positive side of them and get some good quotes that I could link in but by Christ I'm running out of patience now.

Incidentally the quotes are as follows-

"The more rules I impose the freer I get" This i agree with
"A good idea doesn't mean good work"
"Don't try to make a piece better just start another"

As for the other side of the Masters I have got most of the boy model done though the hair has been an absolute arse to get looking how I want it to.

I also did a pretty picture-

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