Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sessions 6 and 7

Session 6 had an interesting talk by a director called Carolyn Corben.
She began her career as a fashion/textiles student and ended up doing alot of unique designs for adverts which led to her getting a directing debut doing idents for ITV Weather-

It was quite interesting to hear her thoughts on direction, one quote I got was- "Most important for direction is a strong independent creative vision"
She also believed that the current generation you needed to be a multi skilled worker to get a job.

During class I completed my D'Gorath model however Id had some criticism online as to the amount of Tris it contained. Brilliantly the internet is full of more talkers than doers so when I asked about tris I got a fat lot of nothing back. I took it upon myself to ask for the help of fellow tutor and student Ken Lau to crit the model. He took me through the things I could do to change which were mainly the hand and the crotch.
Here's a comparison of before and after Kens input

And here's the untextured model-

After that was done I got stuck into Peabody. All I really had to do was create the head for this one and tweak the body so it looked less muscular-

And then I began looking at the last two and certainly the more difficult models.
I decided to go for Jack Jr as I really like how the drawings of him have turned out.
Heres a picture of me starting the model

Ive been looking at Ken's blog for tips on how to get the loops on the face so that they work and its INFURIATING. There is some progress but its just slowwwww. Heres the more looped model WIP-

And finall I begun concepts for the environments.

Here is the orphanage roof


  1. Hey Mark,

    some really nice models there and really good job on getting the poly count down. Im not much of a character modeller but I'm pretty sure Bev and Josh made some character modelling tutorials on WebCT if you can access them. Its probably something to ask them about but I dont normally see such trangulated legs, but I'm not sure if that effects the rigging or texturing stage in anyway, again, probably better asking a tutor!

    Love how complex and organic your characters are, and concepts are pretty sweet too!

  2. Mark,
    the amended mesh looks a lot cleaner. Well done!